Prayer for the Nation

Psalm 80:3

Turn us again, O God, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.




Lord, I am sorry for our world, our nation, our communities, and even our families. We need your help. Desperately.


Corruption, pride, mockery and lust have taken our world over. False religion is growing stronger by the day. Many are giving their life to destroy innocent lives in the name of their so-called gods. Our government is corrupt, wickedness is prevailing, false religions are rising by the day, sexual sins have become the commonplace of the day. The world is in constant turmoil, rebels fight and kill their own people, nation is set against nation, and the world is headed for bankruptcy, as budgets are cut and empty talks continue.


Never before in all of recorded history have we seen such things, especially in our nation – the nation which I love. The red, white and blue – I am proud to be an American, but my heart breaks for our future generations. We are to be “One Nation Under God.” Look what we have become.


Earthquakes, floods, wildfires and destructive tornados have swept across our nation and world, as a whirlwind. Yet the people’s hearts have become more proud. Disasters are blamed on so-called “Mother Earth.” The proud statement is heard, “We will rebuild,” yet none look toward the Lord in heaven.


We, as a nation, have the ancient pride of Egypt and the lifestyle of Sodom. God help us. No restraint, no fear, no reverence – only pride and arrogance. People, wake up! Be honest. See it for what it is. Look to God in repentance and ask for forgiveness.


Look around. There is no trust between people and government, or at least very little. Big Brother watches your every move. Cameras, recordings, eavesdropping on both phone and e-mail are tracked. There is no secret or private conversation. Tracking devices and chips are placed in phones, garments and ordinary purchased items. Your every move and purchase is being monitored in the name of marketing, even down to the brand of jeans you buy or the kind of milk you drink.


Our nation has become obsessed with violence, destruction and outright crazy acts toward innocent people through weapons of mass destruction in the hands of demonic influence. Even our games and home entertainment, which were once fun and wholesome, such as Monopoly, Parcheesi and Life, have been replaced by evil videos with virtual reality, showing death, destruction, rebellion against authority, not to mention the blood and guts. God help us!


Marriage is seen as a thing of the past, as temporary at best. Single moms and dads parade around as victims. Personal responsibility is replaced by blame. We have become a people with no clear conscience or morals. Evil is called good, and good is called evil, while we look around for answers and solutions. The judgment of God has already begun. By simply allowing us to go our own way and do our own thing, absent of God’s mercy and His grace.


Look around – our world is going bankrupt — through lust and greed. Gold is being collected in these last days, just as God said; but we know its value will be worthless. As Achan, for a wedge of gold and a garment, went down to the pit, so it will be for many. Sad truth, the families and children suffer as well when Dad is such a poor example.


Drug companies promote a drug for everything, from depression to erection, as the people have totally embraced it, refusing to acknowledge the side effects, to their own hurt. Whatever happened to calling upon Jesus Christ? He is still able.


What was once done in darkness or secret, is done in the day – open, blatant, and in your face. No shame, no guilt, no remorse, and no fear of God.


Lord God Almighty, please grant us repentance. Restore our nation and its people. Open our eyes and ears to the truth of your Word — the old King James Bible. Show us Jesus, high and mighty to save. Pour out your grace and mercy afresh. Let us once again walk in truth, integrity and a trust in Jesus Christ, our Savior.


Grant real peace. Bless us, oh Lord, once again.





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